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naruball said:
Maraccuda said:

Most of the PSASBR roster is shit, but the gods would win.

Except if Smash bros has Mewtwo, then he alone will absolutely destroy everyone.


EDIT: On second thought, Ganandorf is pretty much invincible so the Kratos and Zeus will struggle with that.

Please define "most". Or "shit". Either will be fine.

Is Kratos shit?






Ratchet and Clank?

Jak and Daxter?


Evil Cole?


The roster is tiny anyway, so please explain.

I am ranking them on tiers. And I did imply Kratos and Zeus are top tier. Others would be Dante and Raiden. The others have strength but not really resiliance (I am sure even Raiden would whoop Cole's ass).

Sword fighters cancel out with Fire Emblem characters.

Heihachi would struggle with Cap Falcon (an intergalactic bounty hunter able to defeat aliens with all their on alien martial arts).

Characters like Ice Climbers and such are trash so they can compete with the trash of PSASBR.

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