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I3LuEI3omI3eR said:

They are definitely not shit. They are great and powerful characters. But the Smash Bros simply been out longer so they have gathered more powers and more chances to be broken than the PS cast. That and they outnumber them by a lot as well. Mario looks like a Punk but he has been seen lifting Castle towers up and punting them. So a punch by Mario will DEFINITELY hurt Kratos. You can argue that Kratos can maul Mario with the Blade of Olympius and so forth, but Mario has survived Browser's fire breath and slashes by him as well. This is just a few examples I've out of DOZENS I've already pumped into this thread. Maybe if the PSASBR Cast had more members to match each Smash Bro it'd be different, but they simply lack manpower and experience. Any Smash Cast, whether it's melee, or the Wii U one, would at least double the PSASBR cast.

Plus Browser can Turn into this as well... This form I think would even garnish the respect of Kratos, Dante, and Ratchet as well... If not at least intimidate them just a bit...(skip to 1:05)

That's impressive and quite interesting to know. I never doubted that the smash roster has some pretty incredible characters/moves. 

But I still disagree with taking one power that a character has at certain point and considering it the standard power of that character. The Mario I know gets killed my mere turtles, evil flowers, and basically any living thing that touches him. That's the Mario I think of and not the one from that one cutscene where he does something super cool that has little to do with the character.

Sure Dante gets a one-hit-kill power at some point. Would that be his power while fighting smash characters? As far as I'm concerned, not really. Same with the guy from Ape escape, Sackboy, etc. Sure, at points they get some insane powers with which they can destroy anything and everything, but that's not their basic power. Comics and movies tend to overpower their characters and then are prone to huge plotholes. Goku kills freeza who easily blows up planets and then has trouble fighting mere earth dragons. 

All the extra shields that characters get, all the potions that they get once and don't use again, all the swords they get when they do x in order to beat x and the overpowered stuff that they get only when they are about to beat a main bad guy, all of them don't count the way I see it. Of course, we can always agree to disagree.