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Maraccuda said:

Most of the PSASBR roster is shit, but the gods would win.

Except if Smash bros has Mewtwo, then he alone will absolutely destroy everyone.


EDIT: On second thought, Ganandorf is pretty much invincible so the Kratos and Zeus will struggle with that.

Ever played New Super Mario Bros. Wii or NSMBU? The Mario cast can carry around a ton of items with them wherever they go, including invincibility stars, which make them kill enemies with one touch.

Ever played a Metroid game that featured the screw attack? You become invincible and kill everything with one touch.

Kirby and Yoshi kill things instantly by eating them, Kirby gets their powers when doing so.

Link, if he has all his gadgets, which he should since we've ruled Ratchet does too, has access to infinite magic and a magic powered invincibility spell, so infinite invincibility. Zelda can use the spell too. The three of them together can also make the Triforce, and wish for victory.

PSAS has some broken stuff too with Kratos, Ratchet, and a few others, but nothing like the "I'm invincible and if I touch you you'll just die because that's how it works" stuff that several Smash characters have, nor do they have insta-win Deus Ex Machina stuff like the Triforce.