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JakDaSnack said:

You forgot Ganon, he is the reincarnation of a God, he can't be killed peroid, and can only be imprisoned by the master sword which can only be used by the hero of courage.  Thus he is "God-tier", except unlike Kratos and Zeus, can't be killed.

So it would be Ganon vs Kratos, and Ness vs Zeus.  

We interrupt this Sony vs Nintendo debate to bring you an excess of Zelda lore.

Ganon is not the reincarnation of a God. He is... his will is that of Demise. It's an important distinction. Even Zelda, who in Skyward Sword was definitively the reincarnation of a Goddess, inherited only the memories of that Goddess, not her power. Ganon does not have God-tier power from birth, he acquires great power over the course of his eons-long life. It would only put him on God-tier if he obtained the full Triforce, as in A Link to the Past. But the Ganon who appears in Melee (or any Smash Bros) is not this Ganon. It is Ganondorf, merely a man with a great deal of power, who appears to be effectively 'immortal'.

Even if Ganondorf was as powerful as Demise, Demise was defeated by Hylia. He was also definitively destroyed by the Triforce, which represents the power of the true Gods of the Zelda universe. Demise isn't exactly a God (his title is Demon King, not... God of anything), and his power level is about on-par with that of Hylia, who is herself not as powerful as Din/Nayru/Farore. I think we can reason based on this that Ganondorf is not as powerful as the Golden Goddesses, and therefore is not quite on the same level as Zeus.


I like the Kirby theories, that little dude is nuts. Haha. Also, don't anybody forget about this now.