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Jeez I was hoping this would be about how averaging 7.5 /10 across all reviews should be seen as signalling that a game is in fact very good. And that people who insist games need over 8/10 average are being completely unreasonable about what constitutes a game that can safely be recommended to everyone. Hells I would go so far as to say any game averaging over 7/10 is still a recommended game.

I think it's brilliant that Destiny is a huge success and it's meta is under 80. Hopefully what that tells the gamers out there is that a 70s meta isn't to be treated as a keep away sign, and people should be willing to try such games on a routine basis. Plenty of people think 90s meta games are shit, because of personal taste, so everything is a bit hit and miss to some extent. I hope the next Destiny also metas in the 70s and I hope it is just as successful as this one. It'll be great for gaming if we get several high selling games with 70s metas.

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