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Hiku said:
Shoestar said:
The flaws in game reviewing systems.

I finally got a chance to play Destiny (for about 6-7hrs)...

it's at least a 9/10.

I sense some sarcasm in the topic creators post.

I was unfortunately late to the party... I thought it would be dishonest of myself to not mention the 7 hrs(lvl 12) knowing that most have told me it takes lvl 20 to fully be able to get around the game and it's functions... That said, my 7 hours of entertainment at the time (now more than 11 and level 16), already gave me a fair value on the entertainment I recieved (compared to other games with higher scores). A lot of games which have recieved far better scores such as for example; Wolfstein received 100/100 by gamecritic in July compared to the 45/100 awarded to Destiny by the same review website.

7 hours is TRULY not enough to enjoy Destiny for what it is but is is SURELY enough to see a flaw in the review system of those two games... At least in terms of entertainment. Being 4 levels shy for 20, I still maintain that this game does not deserve the 45/100, 50/100 or 60/100... Personally, it is a 90 based on the scores 'other' games which were recently released got. However, tastes differ and I can fully understand the logic behind the game getting maybe up to 10 points less but 45/100 is either attention grabbing or just someone who is reviewing the game on other things than the gaming/entertainment aspect.

I am a Gamer... I play games and not consoles. I have a PC and Console on which I game... I like games. End of Story!