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antfromtashkent said:

Ok im done with this since you are not aswering any of my arguments and just fall back on "Its not a good game" and overuse of phychology terms (That are still not properly used btw). 

1. Its a grind fest (It dosent have to be since PVP)

2. Higher LVL advantage in PVP (Its so maginal that it will not have any effect past LVL 22)

3. Story (Compare it to Halo CE or any other FPS new IP out there)

4. Overhype (This is the only LOGICAL reason for your grype, but it was done mostly by the press and fans not by Bungie)

Although you finally used a term properly and it describes your argument perfectly (highlighted)

1.) You grind for PvP too. So this point is literally self-contradictory.

2.) Marginal means its still there (and I argue its not even marginal). Self-contradictory again... also this contradicts your point (1.).

3.) Halo's story may not be revolutionary or good, but itx certainly better than the drivel spewed by Destiny.

4.) Yes.

And no, my argument isn't a strawman. :D