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DrasticDracon said:
Cobretti2 said:
Well it has a better chance than before for sure. It may happen for the first game. The reason being since it is already out on many platforms why not expand it to the rest? Get people hooked on Minecraft then BAM release Mincraft 2 exclusive to Xbox one and people may actually buy their hardware just for it.

Except this is Microsoft behind the wheel now. They most likely wouldn't even consider porting to Nintendo. It's suprising enough that they'll continue to support existing ports. (LOL dat wording) Also, a "Minecraft 2" is unlikely. Minecraft is a game that simply continues to grow, and is never finished.

Yer but look at it from Micrososft's perspective. How do I milk this? Create Minecraft 2 with enhanced graphics and double the features and sell it again to the same people who bought number 1. I guess they coudl also do DLC packs and charge for those instead of a new game.