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the_dengle said:
Jizz_Beard_thePirate said:

Yea but its already made for those and many people bought it so taking the game away from people that already purchased it will result in extremely bad press. Granted the vita version is coming but MS doesn't compete in the handheld space at all.

Would Microsoft consider a Nintendo handheld port, or do you suppose they would consider that a legitimate competitor to the Windows Phone version?

Well... The only reason I am thinking that the Vita version is even coming out is cause that project is already on progress cause they need to make moneyyy so if its near complete, then it would make sense to release it. The 3ds on the other hand would = completely new project and since MS is suddenly 2.5 billion dollars short from this purchase, I think their first goal is to make most of that back and then go into any new projects and both the wiiU and 3ds would = spending more money which I doubt they are willing to do. With that being said, if they have any interest at all, then I would say they might make one for the 3ds eventually cause the 3ds has a bigger install base then the vita and I don't think the 3ds is competing with WP at all


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