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fatslob-:O said:
Aura7541 said:

Because anecdotes can serve as evidence. I was a Nintendo gamer first long before I began playing Playstation and still a big Nintendo fan today. However, I still have interest on playing games on other consoles, not just Playstation.

Also, your claim that most customers aren't multiconsole owners is vastly unproven and largely fabricated to fit your argument that Nintendo gamers have little to no interests playing games on other consoles. Heck, your original argument is no longer recognizable because you're trying too hard looking for a reason to validate your argument.

This is no longer up for debate. The majority of people disagree with you and Zanten, Scizor, Maciveli, michael_stutzer, I, and others have said our share of the deal. Remember this. Just because you're not impressed with the PS4's summer sales doesn't mean that they are, for a fact, unimpressive. We didn't particularly have a problem with your opinion (except for FlamingWeasel), but you were waving it around as if it's a fact.

That's weak ... 

Most gamers actually aren't multiconsole owners for each genertaion ...

Out of the entire gaming industry's lifetime a US household that does have a dedicated gaming console is 2 on average. It's a FACT that most gamers do NOT own multiple consoles per generation ... Much less buys a console every generation. This case is even more evident outside of the US. If your basing your rebuttal on the internet's reception then you know you've already failed. Where's YOUR claim that a lot of gamers do own multiple consoles in the same generation ? 

You've just contradicted yourself ... You say for a fact that it's unimpressive then go on to say it's an opinion. LOL 

Is this pitying for FlamingWeazel I see here ? Y'know what if your not going to actually argue my point then I may as well just leave this thread cause it's a FACT that the PS4 is average compared to the PS2 or the WII.

That's not weak. The fact that I'm a Nintendo gamer who also plays games on other platforms shot down your argument. To counter with a "that's weak..." is merely an expression of your dislike of how your argument got shot down. And I'm not the only one, too. A friend of mine, for instance, plays the Wii U as his main, but also plays Xbox. Nintendo gamers not being interested in games of other platforms is a huge myth.

Where's your claim that not a lot (you didn't say most. You said a lot) of gamers do own multiple consoles in the same generation? Multiconsole owners are the minority, but does that necessarily make them negligable? You just shot your own foot when your mouth accidentally slipped out "a lot".

So no, you've just contradicted yourself, not I. It's you that is presenting your opinions as facts, not me. The fact that you have gone extreme lengths to justify your opinion says it all. What's even worse is that after I pointed out that your argument has become unrecognizable, you have failed to straighten yourself up. I have already emphasized that I and many others don't have problems with your opinion. We had the problem with how you presented your opinion. Why are you so belligerent? For two days straight, too... o.O

And how am I pitying FlamingWeasel? Let's reread this sentence of my previous post: We didn't particularly have a problem with your opinion (except for FlamingWeasel). Now tell me where am I actually pitying him. Exactly. Nowhere! I was actually criticizing him for being too belligerent, but apparently, that flew over your head because you are also being way too bellicose. Why you're trying to associate me with FW is beyond me, but it's beyond petty and it's not helping your case.