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Zanten said:

Now who's being silly? In the case of the Xbox One, that weaknesses is far more pronounced in the wider markets, the U.S isn't quite as lopsided. The gap between them, this month in particular, isn't so large that they 'aren't competition,' not by a long shot, and it combined with the Wii U actually take more than half of the total current gen console sales this month. (Again, in the U.S.) you are literally claiming that without those two consoles, that extra 230k sales would, what, vanish into the ether? That not even a quarter of those who bought an Xbox One or a Wii U this month would, with no Wii U or Xbox One to choose, opt for a PS4 rather than buying nothing at all? Care to explain why?

The claim that having two competitors make the PS4's situation no different then the PS2's when it had, literally, zero equivalent generation competition that summer, is ridiculous and just lazy thinking.

Exactly. Just because the Wii U and X1 are weak competitors, you don't just round them down to "no competition". The PS2 and PS4's situations are drastically different. The PS2 had no competitors for a long while while the PS4 was released when the Wii U was already out. The X1 was released not long after. It's even more significant when we factor in stuff like the mobile market. The first iPhone wasn't even out during much of the PS2 era and the iPhone couldn't play games until the 2nd gen. Nowadays, every mobile device with a touchscreen can play a plethora of mobile games which greatly complicates the gaming market. The gaming market now is a way way tougher cookie to crack. And this is just one of the major differences between now and then.

Then again, as said a billion times already. Why compare to the king of consoles? When you compare any system to the king, obviously the PS2 always win. If you're saying that the PS4 is underperforming compared to the PS2 (in which it's currently not), well DUH! However, you cannot extrapolate from only the summer months and draw a conclusion. As I've said before, what if the PS4 is the better performing autumn, winter, and spring console? It may do worse than the PS2 in summertime, but if it's beating its grandfather in 3 of the 4 seasons, would you still call that underperforming?