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Psychotic said:

I just watched a Youtube video by Rich from ReviewTechUSA where he almost &#$@ himself because apparently today's teens can't play NES games very well. That's pretty dumb, but when you look at the comments...

Today's games hold your hand all the time!
Today's games are too easy!
Finishing a game used to mean something!
Today's gamers suck at gaming!
Mainstream games are made for toddlers!

...reminds me of my grandpa talking about how I dress or talk.

(I started gaming in 1996, so I'm not a complete newb either, but I don't look down on younger gamers for not enjoying the games I used to play back then, because I realize that's just nostalgia value and these game suck compared to today's games...)

Some people just aren't very good at preventing emotions from clouding their judgment.  MGS1 was excellent, and you can argue all you want that it was better for its time than MGS4 is for its time.  BUT HELLO!  MGS4 is SOOOO much better than MGS1.