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Blood_Tears said:
mymuro said:
Blood_Tears said:
mymuro said:
Whatever. China(or even Shanghai) > Japan for Xbox one launch confirmed.

Pre-order number tracking(Credit goes to, I simply translate):
苏宁易购(Sunning Website)——15620(9↑)
京东网页(JD Website)——12519+673(168↑)
淘宝天猫(Microsoft Tmall)——2742(124↑)
中国电信(China Telecom)——未知unknown (0-)
微软商城(Microsoft Store)——45659(62↑)
新蛋中国(Newegg China)——196 (?)
宏图天猫(Hongtu Tmall)——180(2↑)
美承天猫(Meicheng Tmall)——15 (1↑)
五星电器(Wuxing)——未知unknown (0-)
顺 电(Sundan)——未知unknown (0-)
亚 马 逊(Amazon China) ——未知unknown (0-)
家 乐 福(Carrefour China) ——未知unknown (0-)
沃 尔 玛(Walmart China) ——未知 unknown(0-)
1 号 店 ——0 (0-)
完美世界(Perfect World)——未知unknown(0-)
线下渠道(offline retailer)——2万左右 around 20k(?)
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9月2日22时到今天,XBOX ONE国行版保守估计增长预订量为390台。现有预订量为103168台。
From September 2 to today, xbox one pre-order increased ~390, total number~ 103168
MS should just pull their resources from Japan and give us Chinese some real benefits.

So they have more pre-orders then they plan on shipping in the first month?

Who said(guessed) that MS planned on shipping 100k first month in China?

“100k are being sent at launch.”

I got that from a thread about Xbox China here yesterday. So after doing a quick search on the web, that number seems to be the general consensus as well (Plus Xbox fans on this site are under the same impression). It’s not 100% confirmed but then again for all we know those pre-order numbers above are a wash as well.

Foreigners' consensus means nothing. They know nothing about China. Someone even believed that ¥4999 crap from Sina China LMAO.

I dont think 100k is real cause some of us pre-ordered two/get our friends to order 1 from MS store just to finish the Xbox Tribe's tasks in order to get coupons for xbox accessary&games. But if those who ordered multiple dont cancel their duplicate orders before September 23, MS have to prepare shipments for these orders as well.