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I doubt he's American. If he is...........God help us. Either way, it's good for the PS3 that a game actually moved some hardware. What I don't get is your constant anti-360 stuff. It's JAPAN. Land of the anti-360 fanboys. The 360 isn't popular there, so what? You don't see 360-bots like myself constantly posting about how the 360 has slaughtered the PS3 month in and month out since launch (sales of 3 360s to 1 PS3), but I won't because I don't want to dis-service the PS3. It's odd your bashing a dead 360, when its clear the PS3 is nearly dead considering it HAD a 60% marketshare last gen, and now only has 30% of this gen. The 360 has GAINED marketshare (albeit not much), the Wii has GAINED marketshare this generation. And the PS3 has plummeted. Even if it sold 100k units this week and kept selling 100k units, it'd take more than a year to meet with the Wii - if not more. That my friends, is a J-Sony fanboys worst nightmare. It's great that Gundam Mosou sold around 150k-170k s/w units this week and boosted the system 100% in sales. However, Gundam Mosou is the only title to help the PS3 for quite some time. Unless it keeps bringing in sales of 30k-40k each week until Christmas, I don't see how the PS3 will suddenly ressurect itself from the rut that it is in Japan.

Back from the dead, I'm afraid.