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This is very intersting


I've had The Last Of Us for a while now and i have NEVER even ATTEMPTED to go online with it. I have no clue why. 


I beat it once and eventully attempted to Platinum the game. I have to really like a game to want to Platinum the game. I also went out of my way to buy the Left Behind DLC for it and i NEVER buy dlc. The only dlc i bought throughout the entire last gen up to now is the "Fat Rolls" DLC for Fat Princess( pretty much the ONLY online game i play), The "Left Behind" DLC for The Last Of Us, and i just bought that new Zelda/Animal Crossing DLC for Mario Kart 8 with the 16 new tracks, and i used the rest of that $20 Nintendo E-shop money to buy the Pikmin 3 DLC and this was just this week lol


But yea.. I also never even attempted to go online with The Last Of Us despite liking the game enough to buy dlc for it and having it so long