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The usual call came in and Officer Erin was once again on her way.  Her informant told her the mob was more sure than ever about their decision this time.  From what she was told, the victim this time seemed like an ordinary guy.  He was no one special or so he claimed.  The mob saw it differently though.  They apparently knew who he was and, more importantly, what he was.  He had gotten away with his "I'm no one special" act long enough.

Officer Erin arrived at the scene to find everyone long gone.  Just a single body swinging in the cool evening wind.  She ran a background check on this guy.  He had a record of axe'ing people painful questions, but he had never run afoul of the law.  As the report came across the line, Officer Erin sighed.  Another innocent bystander had bit the dust.

outlawauron ( Barst ) is dead.

It is now Night 4.  

Please no more posting!