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Mr Puggsly said:
bubblegamer said:
walsufnir said:
Hynad said:
Well, the game is also completely unplayable on the 4Gb Xbox 360. Or so I've been told.

Of course it doesn't work there but it never worked at all there.

Yes. Rockstar didn't even find it necessary to address them as it was hopeless from the get go. It's a good thing you can find a cheap third party hd for your ps3 if you're in this situation. Can't say the same about the 360 variant, but that's more Microsoft's fault, not the owners. 

No, Rockstar addressed by allowing people to use USB memory devices.

You guys are making presumptions and doing no research.

Well the topic was supposed to do that, but we only see the snark remarks about the PS3 model. See OP.