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Headshot said:
I wouldn't exactly use Metal gear as an example of a good videogame narrative. It is borderline ridiculous and I doubt very many people found the extensive use of cutscenes in MGS4 "fun" or were many people grabbed and pulled in by the cash grab that is ground zeroes. When I think of good videogame narratives I think of halo, TLOU and Half Life and two of them are FPS games. They have good stories that draw you in but don't get bogged down in cutscenes and story as MGS often does and keep the pace and fun throughout the entire experience without it slowing to a crawl.

I thought a long time before using MGS 4 as a example man, and the reason is that the history is super crazy, and it adds to the gameplay and goes with it, not  like a novela that the game have to work against, like in the generic FPSs of today.

The reason is that I do not think it is mandatory to be simple to be good, like Braid or Lone Survivor, you can be bold, but you gotta remember that it is still a video game.

My grammar errors are justified by the fact that I am a brazilian living in Brazil. I am also very stupid.