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There was no chase and no game tonight. Only a flash of violet light followed by a horrendous crash of thunder. Lethe had been sound asleep when her entire apartment building began to collapse. Without her trusty beast stone, she was lucky to survive as everything came crashing down around her. The beautiful Laguz coughed as she pulled herself from the rubble. She was bruised and battered, but alive.

The fires that had sprung up in the destruction of the building gave her some light to see with. A sense of dread overtook her as she saw a single dark figure in the shadows. A hand was outstretched in her direction and violet lightning filled her vision.

Though many had died in the wanton destruction, the authorities found the most horrifying death to be the beast woman who had been electrocuted to death. Witnesses reported hearing her screams from over a block away.

Lethe ( RCTjunkie ) is dead.