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The sound of hooves clattered against the cobbled streets.  

The stormy evening had continued long into the night and while most had gone to bed for the evening, others were about and moving with nefarious purpose.  The lone horseman had seen the shadow from one of the rooftops above and kicked his horse into a gallop.  As fast as his horse carried him, the shadowy figure from above seemed to have no troubles keeping up.  

Suddenly it was gone.  Oscar looked around in confusion.  One hand held the reins of his horse while the other held his lance high, preparing to ward off his would-be attacker.  His horse shrieked in pain as though struck by some unseen attacker.  He couldn't contain his own cry of pain as a jolt of pain surged out from his left arm.  The armor had been eaten away as well as the skin beneath it.  Drops of shadowy magic fell from the sky, each one eating through armor, skin, and bone alike.  Oscar's screams were short-lived.

They couldn't identify his remains the next day.  It was only by headcount did they realize who was missing from their gathering.

TruckOSaurus ( Oscar ) is dead.

Day 3 Begin