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flagstaad said:
mutantclown said:

Buy it anyway? are you so sure about that? at what price will they buy it though if at all? Read my post above.

They will buy it, even at full price, people is upset because they WANT to buy it, so if they don't want to buy a new console to play it during launch and the game is good they will buy it, SE may include some DLC for free to compensate. Just look at the sales of Mass Effect 2 for PS3, it was released 1 year later, it did not had a following on the console and still it sold 1.35 million units, it will be even better for Tomb Raider as the followers are actually there.

If the game is as good as Mass Effect 2 was, that is. 1.35 million units? lol, that's a laughable figure for PS3.