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Officer Erin never really understood the evening gatherings of people.  If every gathering ended in one of the gatherers being lynched or otherwise life impaired then wouldn't someone be better off simply not going?  After several hours of searching the streets, she finally found the crowd of people.  The skies had become dark and more ominous while the sound of thunder preceded the rain that was just starting to fall.  

As Officer Erin pulled up to the gathering, she got out of her squad car only to marvel as it simply vanished.  The meaning of the ghostly 1 that had been floating above it was starting to become clearer to her.  Her musings were interrupted by the sound of thunder and screaming.  She quickly turned and ran toward the commotion only to reflexively raise a hand to her own mouth to keep her from gagging at the sight.  

A woman, a dancer by the looks of the charred clothing, had been posing for a selfie when a bolt of lightning came down from the sky to strike her.  The mob was horrified.  Some screamed, some ran for cover, and others wished for their fallen friend to find peace in whatever world lays beyond their own.  The group dispsersed shortly thereafter.  Officer Erin calmly called for the appropriate people to come pickup the remains.  The ghostly numbers attached to her phone continued their countdown.


Tethys ( Wright ) has been mod-killed.

Night 2 Begin.

No more posting.  People with night actions please begin sending them in.


Is Wright a bad person?
> No.  He just broke a rule.  He's still awesome and no one should be upset with him beyond inconveniencing his team.

Why does the day end with mod-kill?
> The faction that breaks the rules must be the most inconvenienced by the infraction.  Wright being town means that his team loses their lynch for the day.

I have more questions that are not in this list, what should I do?
> PM me.