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monado3 said:
BeElite said:
monado3 said:

record setting juggernaut? if we are talking about sales, it's being severely outpaced by wii and ps2.

Lol and that why peeps should know and use facts before posting.

Ps4 is ahead of ps2 in na and lkely way ahead in europe.  Wii is slightly ahead overall.

Ps4 set all time console record.... so yahh fact.

while ps4 consistently sells above 120k, wii consistently sold above 300k. it's highly outpacing it.

Yeah but the wii did not have legs and once the fad was over it sunk like a hooker whose ankles had cinder blocks tied to them , something playstation systems do not experience. The ps4 will continue to sell well even after ps5 comes out. Once ps3 gets a pricecut it will pick up steam. In other markets the ps3 is still 300-400$


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