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The night air was cool thought the proud warrior as he lugged his axe onward.  Dozla knew they would come for his friend as surely as he knew the sun would rise on the morrow.  He knew and he would be waiting.  As fortune would have it, he didn't have to wait long.  A shadow rose over him and he spun to face his foe.  Vile black magic crashed into the burly warrior but he held his ground and lunged forward with his axe.  The villain taunted and mocked him as they fought but Dozla spoke only through his mighty axe.

Their fight continued throughout the night and, as the first rays of sunlight began to pour from the horizon, the cowardly villain fled.  Dozla watched the villain's escape with a smug grin.  He had known they would strike and he had been there to stop it.  

Dozla's body was discovered that morning, still gripping his axe and still smiling even in death.

Dozla ( spurgeonryan ) is dead.

Day 2 Begin