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Officer Erin stirred in her office to the sounds of shouting and other loud commotion.  She walked to the front and pulled back one of the window curtains to see a great many heavily armed men and women on their way to the town square.  She was used to strangers passing through vgChartzville.  It was always one thing after another here.  She had tried to get transfered away but it had been rejected.  

So she was left watching over the same crazy town and its ever changing cast of characters.  Each gang of weirdos seemed to run the previous one out of town.  This new crew was far more numerous and heavily armed than the usual fare.  Those poor, poor cultists hadn't stood a chance against them.

As Officer Erin went to don her hat and gun, she noticed that both now had numbers floating next to them.  She blinked a few times while waving her hand though the numbers as if expecting them to vanish like smoke but they didn't.  It was going be to a long night.

Regardless, she left her post and began shouldering her way through the crowd.  She couldn't make out the details but it looked like they were fighting amongst each other.  First one person was lifted onto a horse to be lynched.  Then they were roughly shoved off.  Then another was loaded on and shoved off.  

Officer Erin scratched her head.  She had seen a lot of mobs--a thought equal parts humorous and sad--but this one was something else.  Finally the arguments came to an end and someone they could mostly agree on was readied for the gallows.  As they came to a decision something caught Officer Erin's eyes as it flew over her.  Cries of surprise came from the front of the crowd along with the sounds of a horse galloping off.

The townsfolk just sort of watched the horse gallop away in a state of shock while looking from it to the broken noose.  Though it went unspoken, there was a collective sense of defeat among them.  All that effort and work with nothing to show from it all.  Just as quickly as it had formed, the mob dispersed.  Erin was left alone in the cool night air looking at a piece of rope hanging from a tree.

Something told her to call the hospital and the coroner.  They'd probably be needed fairly soon as was typically how these things went.  She just hoped her phone didn't have those strange floating numbers next to it too.


Day 1 ends in a No Lynch

Night 1 Begin.

Day 2:

or as soon as I have all night actions