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noname2200 said:
theprof00 said:

Shall I spare you and repeat myself then?

You asked why I thought negatively about outlaw. I answered by asking outlaw if he's gotten around to looking into sparks. I thought poorly of him because he said he would do something and didn't follow through. I was suspicious of fake-activity. He comes back to say he knows sparks previous alt. That's confirmation of fake-activity. Instead of simply telling you, I gave you the opporunity to look at what I was looking at. I'm guessing you didn't bother...just like you didn't bother to read my posts that also explained this already.

Second question was about confirmation but non-confirmation of day talk.

I'm assuming this was in reference to Ike. I'm not sure what was so hard to figure out. A person who claimed to be following along doesn't correct me on known information....twice even.

So regarding outlaw it's egocentrism and impatience, and regarding day talk it may be because you're unable to keep track of who said what when, or because I missed the part when the mafia's ability or inability to talk during the day became "known information." Either way, got it, glad we're on the same page now. Albeit probably just for now. Please, carry on.

What do you want from me? You want me to carry on, or shut up, because you're clearly not interested in anything I, or others, have to say.