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Day 1 began and concluded.
The deadline was reached and outlawauron was to be lynched as he had the majority of votes.
Somehow the day ended in a No Lynch instead.
Day 1 End Post:

Night 1 began and concluded.
Dozla ( spurgeonryan ) was killed during the night.
Night 1 End + Dozla Death Post:

Day 2 has begun and concluded.
Tethys ( Wright ) was mod-killed on 8/18 ending the day early.
Day 2 End + Tethys Death Post :

Night 2 began and concluded.
Oscar ( TruckOSaurus ) was killed during the night.
Night 2 End + Oscar Death Post:

Day 3 began and concluded.
Lena ( Conegamer ) was killed during the day.
Lena Death Post:
Sparks ( Anna ) was lynched on 2/22 ending the day early.
Day 3 End Post + Anna Death Post:

Night 3 began and concluded.
Lethe ( RCTjunkie ) was killed during the night.
Night 3 End + Lethe Death Post:

Day 4 has began and concluded.
Barst ( outlawauron ) was lynched.
Day 4 End Post + Barst Death Post:

Scum/Mafia win condition was fulfilled as of the end of Day 4.

The Scum/Mafia team of Nicklesbe, Mr Khan, HylianSwordsman, and noname2200 were victorious.

padib replaces skeezer on Day 1.
TruckOSaurus replaces IkePoR on Day 1.