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Fire Emblem Mafia

( If you are not playing, please do not post in this thread.  Thanks! )

Know Your Fellows:

Person Voting To Lynch Identity

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4  
HylianSwordsman --- --- Sparks outlawauron Prince Lyon
Mr Khan Conegamer theprof00 Sparks outlawauron Sonia
Nicklesbe outlawauron Sparks RCTJunkie outlawauron Aversa
noname2200 outlawauron --- --- --- Louise
padib outlawauron Wright Sparks Mr Khan Rolf
Smeags outlawauron --- --- --- Pent
theprof00 outlawauron --- Sparks outlawauron Nolan
WhiteEaglePL --- --- Sparks outlawauron Shiida
spurgeonryan Conegamer --- --- --- Dozla
Wright Conegamer --- --- --- Tethys
TruckOSaurus outlawauron --- --- --- Oscar
Conegamer RCTjunkie --- --- --- Lena
Sparks outlawauron RCTjunkie RCTjunkie --- Anna
RCTjunkie --- Wright Sparks --- Lethe
outlawauron Smeags --- --- --- Barst


Know Your Limits:

  • Do not edit your posts ever.
  • Do not talk about the game outside of this thread unless your role allows it (i.e. Mafia).
  • Do not post your role PM or Role Card. If you do you will be mod-killed and that is sad for everyone.
  • Do not talk (post) after night falls.
  • Do not talk after you've been killed, lynched, or otherwise discombobulated.
  • If you do not PM me with your night action within a reasonable time period, I will randomly decide it for you.
  • Don't take the game too seriously, remember it's all just for fun.


Know The Setup:

  • Please bold your votes like this:  I vote Words Of Wisdom.
  • A lynch will happen when a majority of votes are placed upon a single player ( that's 8 for the first day ).
  • The Day phase will last 7 days.  
  • Once the deadline has been reached, the person with the most votes will be lynched.  A tie means a No-Lynch occurs.
  • The Night phase will last 3 days or until all players have sent in their actions.
  • If your role allows action at Night, please PM me your action when Night falls.
  • There are no Lords in this game. None of the major protagonists are in the cast.
  • Good in the series does not mean good in this game.
  • Villain in the series does not mean villain in this game.
  • Scum have been provided safe (fake) claims to guard against gaming the theme.
  • Weird things will happen.  Days could end early, people could randomly die, and waffles could rain from the sky.  Assume it's something about the setup versus moderator error because it probably is the former.


--- If you have questions, PM me! ---