Favorite Breast Size:
C cup!
Runner up:
B cup!

Tits vs Ass:
Tits wins!

Favorite Fap Material?

Favorite Fap Method?
Tie between Left hand and Right hand!

Favorite Animal Girl:
Cat Girls!
Runner Up:
Fox Girls!

Do you want your Waifu to be in a Maid Custom?

Favorite Type of Pantsu:

What is your favorite device to view fap material?

How many girls would you do it with at the sametime?
10+ O_O

Favorite "Region" of Porn?

Do you use Lube?

Favorite "Style" of Hair?

Do you like Small Breasts or Big Breasts?
I like them all!

Most Sexual Body Part? (Apart from the big 3)

Will you ever buy a sex toy? (If you havn't already)

Do you like Cosplays?
Only when they are hawt!

Do you collect anime figures?
Tied: Yes and I want to but I am too broke T_T

What is your favorite type of hentai?
Other followed by vanilla!

Favorite Sexy Halloween Costume?
Cat Girl

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