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Alright Ladies and Gents! First things First:

If you somehow got lost in your way to finding the SFW anime thread or if you need a break from all the fapping you are probably gonna do, here is a link back the safety!

04/26/2016: Zzz

Here are things that you are allowed to post!

- Lewd Pictures
- Talk about hentai (NO LINKING)
- Talk about Anime
- Talk about h-manga (NO LINKING either)
- Talk about hentai games (If you think you are gonna link this one, THINK AGAIN)
- Nsfw (not porn) gifs
- Nsfw (not porn) memes
- Nsfw (not porn) manga/comics
- Nsfw (not porn) videos
- Yuri (not porn) content
- Hawt Cosplays
- etc

Here are things you are NOT allowed to post:

- Nudity
- Hentai
- Porn
- H-Manga
- Links to those kinds of sites
- etc

So you get the idea! Think of this thread as more of an nsfw club under the anime thread where lewd people like us can post many things that we can’t post in the anime thread! Oh and obviously keep everything anime related but you can post some gaming content as well! Hope you enjoy your stay!

And remember! If you are uncertain whether or not you should post a picture that might be too lewd, PM me to make sure! Happy Fapping!

Summer Sillyness

Mamma Mia!

I always love Twilight Princess Zelda's responses


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