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Madword said:

...and there it is ^^ the point of the whole argument. Spot on.

If no one buys the game, then the OT article could be hailed as being correct. If people buy it, then there was an obvious need for it and so the userbase has spoken, no need for people to counter argue for something they obviously dont want.


  • Dont recall many complaining about Tomb Raider, which was only a year old at the time of it's next gen release.
  • Lots of complaints about TLOU
  • Not many complaining about GTAV


How about we let the users decide what they want and what they dont want... I am sure Sony will make a very good profit from this game and will sell a fair amount, thus making the point that TLOU Remaster was indeed *Wanted*.

Everyone complained about Tomb Raider. More complained about that than this.