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DonFerrari said:
DaveyBoy88 said:
DonFerrari said:
DaveyBoy88 said:

Why'd you have to bring Halo into this? The Master Chief Collection is on an entirely different level from TLOU. 

I didn't bring Halo on this, the author did... I'm just saying fewer people (and 0 articles) complained about it as a counterpoint for the article. I have no problem with Halo MCC as I think it will bring great value for Halo fans and X1 players;

No. You did - by posting this piece of nonsense article.

I like XBox, ok, but even I'm sick of terrible journalists trying to clamour for a bit of attention by jumping on the "TLOU on PS4 is bad (for some reason)" bandwagon". It's pathetic and it smells like desperation.

But I guess the gaming journalism standards are about as low as they can be - nevertheless, I'm stating my opinion. This shit has to stop.

Sorry you lost me here.

Your first post was to complain about I bringing Halo MCC on it, but now that you got answers saying the point was brought by the article you decide to complain about the article... so in the end you just don't like that Halo is being put under criticism?

No. I don't like the article, I don't like that you posted it and I don't like that the article (and you) mention Halo.

It's attention seeking and in poor taste and the gaming world is full of it. Is that clear?