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Euphoria14 said:
I expect to see bitch fests once Grand Theft Auto V hits. Then I expect bitch fests whenever a re-release of a title comes the year after it releases, like what happened all last gen. Only we whine and cry about it now since what would have normally been a GoTY edition w/ DLC got released on the newer console.

Not being re-released on PS3 and being re-released on PS4 with a few upgrades is the only differences from the norm we have dealt with for the last half decade.

We will have some bitching about Halo MCC from Sony camp... about GTA V maybe a little from both sides because of overrated... but all others will probably have a free pass, but I don't think a remaster will get as much hate as this (even Tomb Raider were already at crazyness overhate).

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