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Experimental42 said:
DonFerrari said:
Experimental42 said:

How do you come to that genius conclusion? MCC offers a lot more for your money than TLoU HD does by a long shot.

So by your point of view TLOUR is worthless and shouldn't exist and Halo MCC is godsent and should be bought by all X1 customers?

Your reading comrehension is atrocious if that's what you took from my post.

All I'm saying is that the MCC is a superior package in terms of value when compared to TLoU HD, and that's why it has gotten almost zero hate in comparison.

Nope, I took from your post your general attitude towards Sony... which game is greater value is relevant to the person who is buying and subjective... and complaining about one game, but not the other is hypocrite.

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