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I think one of the reasons that creativity seems to have declined is because the systems have matured so much. In the past, a new generation of consoles meant that developers could do things that were not possible before. Over time, we went from Atari Football with 3 single colored block men on each side to full 3-D graphics. Since the original PlayStation we have had 3-D worlds. Over time they have become more realistic but the game play has not changed much. Now it is hard to tell the difference between a PS3 and PS4 game without looking closely at side by side screen shots. There really isn't a game on the new generation( PS4 and XBox One) that couldn't be done on the previous gen (PS3 and X360). Even the big releases (Destiny, Titanfall, COD Ghosts, Assassins Creed) were released on the PS3 and/or X360. These are essentially the same games but the versions on PS4 and XBOX one have a more detail which really does not really change the experience.