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Areym said:

1. Go for a Wii U then, all the cartoons you can find.
2. Don't buy it.
3. You just said you don't like realistic games but recent games cannot immerse you enough? Sounds like a you problem, not the industry/games themselves.

4. Sounds like a whole lot of nostalgia.

1. most games on Wii U arent... well... that good in my opinion. and there isn't that many games period. Mario Kart 8 is great though, and next Zelda looks great as well. but almost all of them are really not that enjoyable to me personally.

2. it wouldn't feel like I got the whole game. I know Im kinda nitpicking here, but I don't like playing through a game only to have on my mind another part that im missing out on, that I have to pay extra money for in order to play.

3. immersion is not dependant on realism. its good writing, good controls, great atmosphere (music), and a artstyle that ages well. thats what I think helps immersion. Portal is a good example and one of the few games nowadays that actually do things correctly.

4. I started playing on an N64 back in the year 2000, and only played Mario 64 and Mario Kart. I only played retro games somewhat recently with emulators starting about 3 years ago. Ocarina of time is one of my favorite games of all time, and I played it just 2 years ago. so I don't its nostalgia if its so recent.