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Thats it, Im finished with this generation, and probably all future generations until things dramatically change. In my opinion there is plenty wrong with this generation that didn't plague earlier retro consoles, atleast not anywhere near is much. those problems being in no particular order...

1. Games are trying to be realistic!? why the hell are we striving for this? I live in a pretty realistic world called real life, I don't think I want to sit on my couch playing it on a TV screen with worse graphics. plus usually games that try to look realistic, don't age well at all. just look at some games on early PS3/360, and PS2. awful, and not memorable. sure it was good for its time, but it aint pretty to look at now.

2. Downloadable Content (DLC) everyones had problems with this, and on paper it doesn't sound like such a bad idea but its been abused and taken far out of hand. Capcom and EA especially. I don't think I need to explain this whole thing, just this pic should explain it well enough.


3. Most games... well... have just lost their magic for me. when I played a Super Nintendo game, or N64, Genesis, or even playstation, there was a sort of wonder and magic about it. it has a sort of "Je ne sais quoi" that most games now don't have. I have a very hard time being pulled into a games world now, compared to back then. when I play a game now, I feel like im playing a game. when I played a game back then, I felt like I was in a different world.

Nintendo has been the only one In my opinion to keep this magic, and I was kinda glad they were so late with hopping on the DLC bandwagon. but recently I just havn't been feeling it. Im only keeping my Wii U now for the new Zelda, after that im sellin it

now the good thing about Retro gaming is that they all have MUCH better replayability then modern games. so I can see myself playing most of them over and over again. which is a good thing since there is no new releases coming out for them. still plenty of games I havn't experienced yet! I just ordered a SNES with Super Metroid, Super Mario World, Legend of Zelda, and Killer Instinct. will be getting an N64 next, and an NES later down the line.

most people would probably disagree with me on most of my reasons, but a lot could admit that things werent as good as they used to be. things just got so over complicated :/


EDIT: okay yes, I dont seem like a very happy gamer unlike my name implies -__- If I could change the name I would, jokes getting kinda old guys. I get it.