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MTZehvor said:


OT: I agree with some of the things on the list, although I can't say I support going for all of this on the very next Metroid game. After the screw up that Other M was, Metroid needs to absolutely nail the next title, and trying to go for a back to basics exploration atmospheric old Metroidy style game, while simultaneously focusing on voice acting and creating a city type world for Samus to explore, AND making functional online multiplayer, AND trying to balance gameplay segments switching between the zero suit and power suit sounds like WAY too much for a game that will most likely be about redeeming the series for the majority of the series' fanbase. Trying to cram all of this into the next game, and have it work as well, is a recipe for disaster.

Think of it this way; the next Metroid game will likely be the Dual Destinies of the Metroid series to follow the Apollo Justice that was Other M, if Apollo Justice had ruined all of its characters and completely forgotten what kind of a game it was supposed to be. You can't expect all of this from a game that will likely be spending most of its time picking up the pieces from the previous failures.

As a wishlist for the future of the Metroid series, I don't have many complaints; I personally preferred reading the lores in Prime to having them spoken to me in games like Bioshock, but I guess that's preference. As a wishlist for the next game in the series, I vehemently disagree with the majority of this. Metroid needs to take a game, focus entirely on the "Metroid-esque" elements that have made it the success it's been pre-Other M, and then, if it shows it still can do that well, we can move on to adding other things, like multiplayer or adding an optional city exploration element. Until it recovers from Other M, though, I will be completely opposed to any development being spent on something besides the core Metroid experience, so to speak.

I completely disagree. I think that if all the next Metroid does is play it safe and try to replicate past success, it'll be as much of a failure as Twilight Princess. There's no reason they can't get all of this right the first time. They just need to take the right steps. If all we get is Prime HD, I'll be extremely pissed.