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BraLoD said:
torok said:
I'm still hoping they add crossplay between PS4 and PS3. I only play MP and all players are on PS3, man it would be awesome to get crossplay with PS3!

That's actually a nice idea, can they cross the servers without doing a lot of work? That would be amazing!
But PS4 players would have the little upper hand with the double FPS.


It's a slower paced and tatic MP. Actually being stealth is the better approach when alone and teamwork and concentrade fire are the top notch strategy on groups (usually with a stealth member flanking the enemy team). But they won't even import the player levels from the PS3 version and I'm at 380 there and not that animated with the idea of starting from scratch.

But I understand this re-release isn't for me. It's for the gamers that didn't had a PS3 or didn't bought the game, so in this case it's hard to recommend the PS3 version over the new one, even the price isn't bad because the PS4 game comes with all DLCs and the PS3 season pass ended last month, so getting the PS3 version and the DLCs separated would be more expensive anyway.