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theprof00 said:
soulfly666 said:

I thought TLOU was a great game, but when people say it is the greatest piece of software ever made or even the best game of last gen I completely disagree. I won't be buying the Remastered version as I feel it will be very similar to last year's game, but people who skipped it on PS3 should definitely play through it.  People saying TLOU is better than say Super Metroid, Ocarina of Time, Symphony of the Night and DooM (among others) are crazy, but hey opinions.

What was the best game of seventh gen, in your opinon?

Mass Effect 2, very closely followed by Battlefield Bad Company 2.  On my top 50 of all time games list we made last year on this forum TLOU got #25.  I think it was #5 for 7th GEN overall on the same list.  I had ME2, BC2, Borderlands 2, and RDR above it and Uncharted 2 was right below it at #26 of all time.