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phaedruss said:
Hynad said:

No there are none. But you should look for a script that does just that. There's one around, somewhere. Look it up. But I suggest you try to work on the way you present your opinion to people. I know it requires more work on your part... That you'd have to admit that you're part of the problem beforehand...

What can I say? I'm an optimistic guy.


Thinking that The Last of Us isn't one of the best game ever is nonsense anyway. Why do I even bother. Right?


You didn't ask me to explain why I don't think it's that great of a game you just posted a link to some article about goty awards as though that proves something.

I've seen your input on things around the forums. And your opinion about anything really isn't interesting to me. Hence why I'm not asking you. 

My link just counters your claim that it's certain that the game isn't one of the greatest ever made. You just have a forceful way of expressing your opinion. You basically said that it's nonsence to consider it any other way. But maybe you don't realise the way you come across when you express yourself. Or maybe it's just me who's over-sensitive. Or maybe it's a bit of both. 

Or maybe it's 3:07am and I'm bored, tired, yet can't seem to find sleep. -__-

Personally, I think it's the first option.