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RubberWhistleHistle said:
i have it on ps3 and i didnt get passed like two hours after the intro. i dont know what it is. i tried to like the game but couldnt. is it really that good?

i know everybody has their own taste in video games. i dont like games that kind of play themselves. i dont like playing through a game just to get to a cutscene so i can see more story. tell me, is what makes this game so great just the story? i do want to see the story, but i dont know if i can get through the boring gameplay to see it. would i be better off just looking it up on youtube? i might give it a try again this summer because of all this buzz, but i really dont know if i could get through it.

Do you like playing a game just to get to the end of the stage and see the "level complete" screen with the score?

Those story cutscenes basically replace those screens.

As for not loving the gameplay... To each their own. For me, I've always enjoyed games with stealth and the kind of atmosphere that The Last of Us has. You have to play with the volume cranked up a little though for the atmosphere to be at its best.