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darkshadow23 said:
RubberWhistleHistle said:
i have it on ps3 and i didnt get passed like two hours after the intro. i dont know what it is. i tried to like the game but couldnt. is it really that good?

i know everybody has their own taste in video games. i dont like games that kind of play themselves. i dont like playing through a game just to get to a cutscene so i can see more story. tell me, is what makes this game so great just the story? i do want to see the story, but i dont know if i can get through the boring gameplay to see it. would i be better off just looking it up on youtube? i might give it a try again this summer because of all this buzz, but i really dont know if i could get through it.

Definitely try it again. It starts off great and then it slows down quite a bit when you fast forward to the future. I'd say it takes a little over 2 hours for it to pick back up again. Probably around the 3 hour point is where the character development starts shining.

ok thank you, thats kind of waht i wanted to know. 

for instance, i am a huge zelda fan, but if anybody wants to play twilight princess, i would tell them.. the first five hours are going to be mighty boring. and i love the game. but i will always tell them that its not exciting and youre really going to have to just force yourself to get through the first 4-5 hours if you find yourself getting bored.