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BraLoD said:
RubberWhistleHistle said:
i have it on ps3 and i didnt get passed like two hours after the intro. i dont know what it is. i tried to like the game but couldnt. is it really that good?

i know everybody has their own taste in video games. i dont like games that kind of play themselves. i dont like playing through a game just to get to a cutscene so i can see more story. tell me, is what makes this game so great just the story? i do want to see the story, but i dont know if i can get through the boring gameplay to see it. would i be better off just looking it up on youtube? i might give it a try again this summer because of all this buzz, but i really dont know if i could get through it.

I'm speaking with all the truth: It's the best game I've played last gen.
It starts good with the infestation, then if start again really slow and I was uneasy while playing it for some time, but when Ellie appears... the game start to develops emotionally and start to grow in you bonds with the characters, it's really an amazing experience. By the end of the game I was in fact caring for the characters, like they were real, I was feeling like I was inside that experience.
But it's the story that make it great indeed, not watching it, developing it is what it's great.
The game have plenty of exploration and survival, some puzzles (really really easy) and progression into it. It's not a watch the story experience like Final Fantasy 13 (that had an amazing story too), but the gameplay don't change much from the moment you get to Ellie, so if you are not enjoying it after some hours after that you probably won't enjoy it anyway.
I don't recommend you to watch it on youtube, it won't give you a glimpse of the experience, and if tou turn to like it you will be already spoiled.
I highly recommend the game, but the focus is the story, the development of the bond between the characters and they survival. You choose if it fits you or don't.

yeah.. i will more than likely just try to power my way through it at some point.. i probably just have to force myself to play it for like ten hours until i get over that hump. i find that with some games, you have to get over that hump and you really start enjoying it. i didnt give it enough of a chance.