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Michael-5 said:

Problem is how many really amazing games are releasing in 2014? I have enough old games to keep me occupied while I wait for some of the 2015 heavy hitters, so I don't really get hyped for games I'll likley buy one day in 2014.

I rarely buy games day 1, unless they are really good. That said I'm sitting here waiting for XenoBlade and Mass Effect specifically, so I'll keep voting them every month while I play some 6th and 8th gen classics (mostly focusing on those two gens). I want to vote for a 2014 title, but I'm just not really into much for 2014. Not a fan of fighters (Smash Bros), don't know much about Destiny, don't care about annual/biannual releases (Assassin's Creed/Forza/Call of Duty), nor do I care much about remasters/remakes (TLoU/Halo2/Pokemon) and yea....

Plus, I want to literally vote my most hyped games, regardless of realease date, so that others who look at the results can see they exist/are hyped. I joined VGC because of how conclusive these threads were, and how they gave a great list of games to look forward to. Using these results, I rarely feel I forget a game, no matter how niche it is.

For me several amazing games coming in 2014, but obviously the listing is subjective and no one is wrong to pick their games.  For me it has become harder over time to get that excited about games far off any more.  I am curious about the next Zelda, but until I see a bunch of gameplay and can see it being out within six months or so hard for me to work up much enthusiasm.  I remember agonizing over waiting for Ocarina of Time for a long time and it was not a pleasant experienc e personally even if the pay off was massive.