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Michael-5 said:

To be honest, this thread is going to be real boring for the next little while. Nothing big was announced at E3 (except Zelda). XB1 and PS4's library is pretty much unchanged and there isn't much announced for the 3DS/Vita....I can see people reposting each month.

Until Smash Bros, Sunset Overdrive, the last few PS3 JRPG's, Pokemon and Halo release (which is October/November), I don't see this list changing much. I hope Tokyo Game show proves me wrong, I could really use some good Japanese stuff.

Still great job Salnax. If it weren't for you, I'd leave VGC and spend more time playing games. Nice to see WiiU with such an obviously unbiased portion of the vote .

There's also Gamescon in August, which could bring some new games too.

Please excuse my bad English.

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