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Anfebious said:
Ucell said:
Anfebious said:

Well that's of course in your opinion but we have to look at the sales data to objectively define the best games. And those are the ones that sell the most. In that case it would be Nintendo games. Don't worry though Sony games would enter in the top 10... maybe.

Nah Rockstar's games would take up no 1, unless you count Wii Sports. That changes everything.

And Sony would come in the top 10 if you ignore their niche releases.

We count every game in these kind of objective analysis, Wii Sports, Mario Kart Wii, Super Mario Bross and a bunch of others are included but you seem to get the idea. Nintendo is the best by far.

Nintendo games sell for only 2 reasons:

1) Nostalgia for the gamers of old days

2) Toddlers (nah just kidding, more like 12 year olds)

3) They have been around for a looooong time, of course their games have altogether racked up a lot of sales in all these decades.

The second is the same reason why COD sells so much. Kids are many, and their parents have to give up to their demands. Adults are more calculative when they are spending money for themselves.

That also means that COD is among the very best games by your logic.