Egann said:

Link is not a girl. Link is also not right handed and definitely doesn't have B cup breasts.

Also, note that the character here uses a bow, even in reasonably close quarters combat. It fact, she doesn't even appear to HAVE a sword. Shield, yes. Sword, no. Legend of Zelda has a main character who's iconic weapon is a bow. Also, she tends to wear black cloaks when riding horseback at some point in most games.

It's Zelda. Trust me.

Yeah, none of that is true. It's not Zelda. It's not a girl. It's Link. Aonuma confirmed that it is in fact Link and he is in fact a boy. End of discussion. He has a sword in the trailer and Link always uses his arrow in close combat. He doesn't have "B cup breasts" at all anywhere in the trailer. He's a regular, boobless boy. And Zelda's only been on horseback twice. Both times as a passenger. And she wore a black cloak once.

It's not Zelda. It's not a girl. It's Link. He's a boy. Aonuma confirmed it. End of discussion.

Well, this is new.