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Zax said:
Another one here Tales of Xillia 2, they shipped, sold whichever 500,000 copies in Japan by March 2013 which is about half a year after the game came out but this site says it's only sold 450,000 copies.

I don't have a link but according to Media Create Metal Gear Solid 4 had sold 930,000 copies in Japan as of the end of 2012 but has only sold 830,000 copies as of present according to this site. That game's surely over 6 million.

Before you go any further, read This from ioi

and read his answers to forum members in This thread

Then, read This - which will help put things in context.

For the bolded, it's important that you understand the difference between shipped or sold - if you don't know whether a figure represents shipped or sold, then don't quote it. It's already been explained in this thread.

(Edit to add) - This post is probably most relevant to this thread, if you don't have the time to go through all the reading matter.