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pbroy said:
Where are you getting your data from? The VGChartz Gods have knowledge beyond simple men. They can even see past legitimate sources' lies.

"Tekken Tag Tournament 2 sales hit 1.35 million worldwide."

Vgchartz has it selling about 1.1 million as of a year and half after that. It's probably more than double that amount.

"The worldwide shipment for Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations has crossed the one million mark"

That was as of July 2012. Vgchartz has it at selling 1.1 million almost 2 years onwards. Even if it's shipped vs sold, it's still obviously undertracked.

That says Tekken Tag 2 sold 1.5 million copies as of March 2013. It says Naruto Storm 3 sold 1 million copies in just US and Europe too, that'd be in one month yet this site has it at selling 1.1 million copies worldwide in 15 months.


So there's the source, are you gonna fix the numbers? No, you wont.